Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill
Ring Die Feed P...
1.Stable operation, low noise
2.Low abrasion of roller,dies & bearings
3.Applied to different raw materials

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Main Features:

1.Adopting the permanent magnetic device and ring die feed pellet mill in the working process.
2.Equipped with double motors in order to maintain a 15-18t/h running speed.
3.Full automatic lubrication device is equipped in order to ease the laborer's working intensity.
4.The moisture content should be lower than 14% and the hole opening rate shouldn't be less than 33%.

Technical parameters:



Power ( kw )

Capacity ( t/h )


Feed Pellet Mill


55 ( 45 ) * 2

10 - 12

Double Motor


75 * 2

15 - 18

Double Motor